"Make a friend....adopt a shelter pet"

Available Pets - Dogs

Hi my name is Skip, and I'm a 3 year old Belgian sheperd/ bordercollie mix male. I've been fixed and given all my . I love to run, shots including rabies.  I love the water, to play fetch, and open doors when your hands are full. I'm really smart and learn fast. But I need a big yard with a tall fence, or to be in the country where I can herd your animals for you. Sometimes the puppies don't like when I herd them so I had to stop. I loved stuffed toys and to play with other dogs. Please come visit me.

I'm camo an Australian and brindle mix 2 year old male. Once upon a time I had a very loving home with a beautiful person. We had so much fun we go on car rides, and watch TV together, and visit the park then one day she took me to this strange building where a lot of dogs were barking then left me. I waited, and waited for her but she never came back. I got put in the back fence with bouncer, and nobody would come see me; nobody would come take me any place, or even come pet me. So I kept calling out to them, and running up and down the fence. When people came they always look at the dogs inside but wouldn't come out to visit me and bouncer. Then one day Mr. Chris came got me and said "Camo would you like to come inside tonight?" Then he put me in the inside cage. He lets me out during the day. I get to play in the big yard then I'll go to the office and lay down. But nobody wants to take me home cause I'm too big they say. When they put me on the leash and a new person comes; I'm very careful to never pull or try to walk too fast for them. Still they say, "He's such a beautiful dog but he's too big." I want my time to watch TV with my human, I want to lay at their feet, and next to their bed on the floor. I can't make puppies now and I have all my shots. I will play fetch with you, and never get sick on car rides. I can't help I'm a big boy, if I could make myself smaller then maybe you would take me home ; isn't there someone who want just a cuddly teddy bear in a dog suit. Where are you? I look everyday and hope you'll come take me home.

 The people at the shelter saved my life when they took me in as a stray.  I was so hungry and scared.  Mr. Chris gave me lots of love and gave me the name Bouncer because I love to play so much.  I am already neutered and have all my shots.  I get along with other dogs, and love kids. But I need a yard with a fence because remember I like to play so much.  After I get done playing all I want to do is sit by the people in the office because it's so nice an cool in there. But what I really wish is instead I could curl up on the floor next to a couch because I so much want a home; I would love you forever.  Please come visit me.

Hi They call me P-2 at the shelter because I'm the second Peanut.  I'm a super happy and friendly boy.  Love Kids, other dogs and get along with cats.  Running and playing are my favorite thing.

Hi My name is phoebe and I am a happy friendly dog that is in a strange place.  They took me to get shots and fixed and this was my first day back in the shelter.  As you can tell I wasn't feeling my best but I really want a family of my own.  Please come see me.

Hi my name is Rosie.  All the ladies at the shelter love me because I'm so gentle, I never bark, I never pull on leash when they take me out,  I just want to put my head on their lap and have them pet me.  I get along with other dogs and cats.  I love kids and to play fetch. I'm up to date on shots and spayed. Please come visit me.

My name is Izzy and I'm a Momma dog.  I have 4 beautiful puppies whos pictures are coming soon.  It will be 5 more weeks before I can be adopted.  I love all people and just want you to pet me.  I get along with other dogs, and I'm super gentle.  I have all my shots and will be spayed by the time I can be adopted.  I hope you come see my family.

My name is Rayleigh, and I'm a ball of energy.  I love to run, and play with the other dogs.  I'm pottie trained and never mess my kennel.  Up to date on shots, and will be spayed.  I want a little boy that likes to run and play ball with me.  He throws and I'll chase and bring it back then he throws it again. We can do that all day long if he wants to.