"Make a friend....adopt a shelter pet"

Available dogs.

Who wants a Yorkie/Noreich Terrier Female.  14 lbs of nothing but love.  She is up to date on shots and will be spayed in the near future.  She is timid of larger dogs, and children under 5.  She is available for meet and greet with your family or other dogs.

Hi my name is Skip, and I'm a 3 year old Belgian sheperd/ bordercollie mix male. I've been fixed and given all my . I love to run, shots including rabies.  I love the water, to play fetch, and open doors when your hands are full. I'm really smart and learn fast. But I need a big yard with a tall fence, or to be in the country where I can herd your animals for you. Sometimes the puppies don't like when I herd them so I had to stop. I loved stuffed toys and to play with other dogs. Please come visit me.

My name is bouncer I'm a Rodesian Ridgeback.  I'm up to date on all shots, and fixed.  I love to run and play in a fenced in yard.  I wouldn't make a good house dog because I get bored inside until it's time to go to bed then I curl up on the floor next to the bed.  Please come visit with me.

My name is Bubba, and I'm a strong pit bull mix.  I will be neutered next month and am current on all my shots.  I love playing fetch.  

My name is Gyspy.  I am a little beagle and terrier.  I have a scar from being almost killed by buckshot; but it's all ok now and I've got all my shots and spayed.  

My name is Foster and I'm new here.  I go to get neutered on the 7th and all my vetting will be done.  I'm really active and love to go on hikes, play fetch, and play hard with other dogs.  I'm a hound/husky mix, and just about 8 months old so I'm almost grown.

  • I'm begging you please come to the shelter and see me.  I'm so lonely and just want a home of my own.  I'm already have all my shots and I'm spayed.  I'm very shy at first then i open up.  I love running and playing ball.  I get along great with other dogs, love cats, and really want a kid of my own.  Ms. Kathy is working on Training with me.  Please come visit me.

My name is delta dawn and I'm already spayed, and up to date on shots.  I'm supper friendly, and obedient.

I'm Lundyup.  I'm a white german sheperd female, that loves playing fetch, and loves other dogs.  I'm up to date on all my shots and spayed.  I like cats and other dogs.  I'm 10 months old so I shouldn't get any bigger.

My name is Katie Perry.  I'm a long lost relative of collette.  I'm up to date on shots, love to play with other dogs, and kids, and am fixed.  Please come to the shelter and hear me sing about the shelter life.

My name is Benji I'm a Catahoula curr and ready for my new home.  I'm Fixed and up to date on shots.

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Hi my name is BuBa, and I'm learning obedience training.  I was a handful until Ms. Phyllis started training with me.  Now I walk perfect on leash and sit and keep my eye on my trainer and listen to them.  I'm already up to date on shots, and neutered.  Come she how good I do.